During my last trip to my hometown, Padova, I discovered my new favourite piece of art: La Madonna dell’Acqua Lurida by Federico Soffiato. Deemed by some as irreverent at best (and blasphemous at worst), I personally was extremely moved by its universal message, which can be found at the intersection of the sacred, the profane, and the political.

La Specola, Paodva’s astronomical observatory, also known as ‘Galileo’s tower’. Alessandra Paiusco, 2021

In Sweden, data such as your home address, telephone number, birthday and even your bank card references are often available to anyone through a simple Google search. The initial reaction of new residents is, usually, to panic. But don’t despair: I am here to help!

And on why I refuse to accept the concept of ‘whiteness’ outside the context from which it originated

The author in front of a graffiti saying “Corona? No, thanks”. December 2020

If I had TikTok growing up, I would have been much happier

A Swedish friend of mine made a joke about the ‘Minister for Cultural Appropriation’ — but I didn’t get it. Until they showed me a picture of Amanda Lind.

Amanda Lind picture, from her blog. Source: https://amandalind.wordpress.com/about/

Part Two: On how immigrants were blamed for driving the pandemic in the Kingdom of Sweden, and pseudo-scientific racism

Part One: A Swedish dystopia.

After struggling with looking for a niche, I think I am finally ready to take TikTok over with the ultimate guide on how to pick the perfect engagement ring (I know this is an extremely first world problem, but after all, I research climate change for a living). While I was writing the script, I realized there is one characteristic that is often overlooked but it makes all the difference: I am talking about either high or low setting.


I research climate change & migration for a living. Here I write about everything else

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