In Sweden, data such as your home address, telephone number, birthday and even your bank card references are often available to anyone through a simple Google search. The initial reaction of new residents is, usually, to panic. But don’t despair: I am here to help!

When I found out about it, several months after I moved here, I almost had a panic attack” — Andrea told me — “I frantically started to try to remove my info from the internet, but nothing really worked. In my panic, I thought about calling the police or something like that but then I realized that this is just the way it is here. Even if I am not comfortable at all with this”.

Andrea is an Italian who moved to Sweden a couple of years before me. …

And on why I refuse to accept the concept of ‘whiteness’ outside the context from which it originated

I am a first-generation mixed-race from Italy, a country that recently started to be aware of the inexorable shift towards being more multicultural both at the national and European level. It is also a country that has recently rediscovered its deep problems with racism and a colonial past that was never fully addressed nor metabolized, and it is struggling to come to term with an increasingly mixed population. Over the course of recent years, I have closely followed the ongoing discussion regarding race(s) and racism. In this essay, I would like to address something that has been bugging me, especially…

I finally decided to write down my experience of living through the pandemic in Sweden. I have been unsure about whether this is actually a good idea — especially for my career. But I have a moral imperative to speak up, especially now that the revisionist machine is in motion. However, for some reasons, it feels extremely uncomfortable.

The author in front of a graffiti saying “Corona? No, thanks”. December 2020

I never expected to end up living in Sweden. I moved here in the fall of 2017, after several months of a long-distance relationship with my now-husband, who is Swedish. We met while we were both trainees at our respective embassies in…

I recently returned to Padova, my hometown in Northern Italy. It was a short holiday and an occasion to visit my relatives. During the trip, I have been treated, several times, like shit. I can confidently assure you this has happened because I am not skinny.

The first day after quarantine, a lady in the line at the bakery asked me (twice, because at first, I hoped I hadn’t heard right) if I was to give birth in Italy or in Sweden. (Note: I’m not remotely pregnant)

On another occasion, while I was alone in a café buying takeaway breakfast for my husband — a very fit Swede who eats a lot — when I asked the waitress to add a croissant on top of my order, she rolled her eyes. I mean, it was a lot— but also, none of your business?

Another notoriously fatphobic…

Dear Kristina, thank you for reading (quickly) my article! :) I would like to read your but I can't see the tag notification - I am new to Medium! Thank you so much for your feedback - I am planning on writing more now about lighter topics! Greetings from Sweden <3

Part Two: Translating the Swedish reality in real-life experiences

As mentioned in Part One, I am not a parent. Therefore, I will now write about what Elisa has told me regarding her direct experience both as the mother of a 13-years-old as well as a teacher. Moreover, I will also report some experiences as reported by the members of the association COVID-19 Skola och Barn, to who I asked for help understanding: how did the pandemic unfold for families with schoolchildren?

School children don’t spread infection. We didn’t close schools, because they didn’t need to be closed. (Anna Ekström, Swedish Minister of Education)

When it comes to the initial…

Part One: The school system in Sweden

This article presents and discusses the obstruction of the established rule of law by the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten), encouraged by several officially endorsed opinion leaders supporting the idea of herd immunity. While the European Union and the rest of the world are busy fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden arguably seems to have been conducting a unique experiment on uninformed and non-consenting children and adults.

A spread in schools is not dangerous. I hear many parents who are worried. But it is not dangerous for children. (Swedish State Epidemiologist A. Tegnell)


Worldwide it is known that Sweden has…

Spoiler alert!

This weekend, I was home alone recovering from a crash (nothing serious, I slipped one a ice patch while on my electric moped). I decided to treat myself to some Max (the Swedish traditional burger franchise, you should really come over here just to try it) and Bubbies (the Hawaian version of mochi, with ice cream inside). Then, I dived into Netflix latest reality show: Bling Empire.

It took me one day to finish the 8 episodes — and I am not sorry. …

My New Year’s Resolution included decluttering my walk-in closet. While most of my (leather) designer bags are gone, people seem to have very strong feelings towards my fur coats.

The author in Paris with her favorite designer bag (that recently found a new home in Germany).

In December, 2020, I decided to organize the total chaos my walk-in closet was. And when I say it was chaos, I really mean it: I had to hide my wedding dress inside it for months and I could not ask my now-husband to change the light bulb when it burned out (not because I am not empowered enough, I just physically did not reach it!). For weeks, I simply threw…

Alessandra Paiusco

I research climate change & migration for a living. Here I write about everything else

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